Parent helping their newborn baby to sleep

A Healthy Baby is NOT All That Matters.

Have you heard this one before? “All that matters is a healthy baby.”


Whether it’s said about pregnancy or birth, this is not all that matters. How mothers/fathers/parents feel about their experience, both physically and emotionally, it MATTERS! When we overlook this, we’re saying that so many things don’t matter….just a few examples:

• Hyperemesis gravidarum
• Prenatal mood disorders
• Family-centred health care
• Birth support
• Informed consent
• Birth trauma
• Maternal health
• Postpartum recovery
• Postpartum mood disorders

…I could go on. As doulas, most of us came to this career because we care about all of these things. We *know* that supported parents are the key to everything else. We love babies! But when we’re by your side, we’re looking at you. We’re checking in with you, holding you up, asking how you’re doing (for real). Unfortunately, so many people *including some family members* shift all of their focus to the baby, particularly after the birth, leaving moms and dads to navigate their feelings and take care of themselves, alone.

I’ll be honest…many of our clients hire us for birth and/or postpartum doula support even though they have the option of their mother, sister or friend because they want to know that there is someone there just for them, who also just so happens to have all the wisdom and expertise. AND I LOVE IT because we’re all about you getting your needs met.

You matter. So much.