The Best Doulas Have the Freshest Breath

If ever I decide the name “Oakville Family Birth” is a little too vanilla, I think I’ll change it to The Fresh Breath Doula because I’m on a mission to have the freshest breath in the room when you welcome your baby to the world.

The best doulas have the freshest breath. Not too minty, of course…I wouldn’t want to distract you with icy peppermint mouthwash aroma. Just…fresh. Fresh enough to get close to you during those tough moments. Fresh enough to breathe right along side you, setting the pace with my own breath when you feel tense or overwhelmed. Fresh enough to talk to you, to hum with you, to coach you and to vocalize with you because it just feels good to have company throughout the high and lows and the oooooohs and ahhhhhhhhs of birth. Fresh enough to grab your attention in all the right ways and none of the wrong (read: garlic-infused) ways. Can you imagine what it would be like for you if you were in the middle of a contraction and I wafted the last hints of my breakfast burrito in the direction of your face? Women in labour are often particularly sensitive to smells! You might lose that calm confidence that we’ll have worked hard together to maintain and we don’t want that.

It may sound like a small matter but in the throes of birth, you want your doula to dig in deep with you. You want your doula to come in and out of your personal space according to what the moment calls for. You want your doula to have the freshest breath in the room. I’m envisioning great things to come for The Fresh Breath Doula! I think I’m on to something.