Prenatal Classes

A pregnant woman makes a heart with her hands over her belly

Modern, upbeat prenatal classes that you'll actually enjoy!

They’re evidence-based, non-judgmental, tailored to your needs, and fun (no really, we laugh a lot). We get excellent feedback from both students and health care providers.

Group and private classes are offered in the Halton, Hamilton, and Mississauga areas

Group Classes

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Combined childbirth education and partner yoga to prepare both your mind and your body.

Pregnant couple on beach

A streamlined group prenatal class in a one-day format to suit your schedule. Summer 2024.

A newborn feeding

This two hour prenatal class covers breastfeeding, bottles, and beyond. Don’t miss this one!

Newborn yawning sleepily

This one hour prenatal class will set you up for a smoother experience with newborn sleep.

Private Classes

Pregnant couple by river

Prenatal classes taught in the comfort and privacy of your home, according to your schedule

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Prenatal and postnatal yoga taught in your home or virtually.

Our Infant Feeding and Infant Sleep classes are also available for private instruction.

Not quite sure what class suits you best? Reach out and we can chat about it.