Postpartum Doula Support

What’s a Postpartum Doula?

A postpartum doula provides in-home support and guidance as you transition into your new normal with your new baby. Your doula cares for you, your baby and your household so you can relax, recover, and enjoy the experience.

Your postpartum doula can visit during the day or at night. Shifts can be arranged daily,  weekly, or somewhere in between.

The doula has much more training and expertise than a nanny or a night nurse. The doula also works for the whole family, not just the baby; we take care of everyone.

What can my doula help with? 

Honestly, it’s hard to sum up in a few sentences! Your postpartum doula helps with whatever supports your wellness, or your confidence, or your family bond…or all of the above. Here are some examples:

  • Expertise and support for your chosen feeding method(s) – breast, bottle, cup, formula, pumping, storing
  • Gentle in-home guidance for all the new parent “firsts” – bathing, diapering, feeding, babywearing, nail trimming, swaddling,  baby massage, etc.
  • Caring for baby while you rest (because “sleep when the baby sleeps” is actually kind of impossible!)
  • Light meal and snack prep to fuel your recovery and keep your mood stable
  • Help around the house so you get to spend more time resting and bonding with baby. Knowing the dishes are done and the laundry’s in the wash will ease your anxiety so you can focus on the good stuff. We can run quick errands too, if that’s helpful.
  • Emotional support. Giving birth is hard, and that’s just the beginning! A doula is a non-judgmental sounding board. Listening and validating your feelings without inundating you with advice (we know, you get enough of that already)
  • Help with older siblings. Supporting your other children in their new role or spending time with your newborn so you can give your older children your full attention. We love pets, too!
  • Accompaniment for taking trips outside the house (doctor visits, grocery store etc.)
  • Connecting you to local supports and services to enhance your well-being
  • Answering all your questions (“Is that normal?!”), or referring you to the right professionals as needed
Whip up an amazing smoothie, help you find a comfortable position for breastfeeding, put away the mountain of clean onesies and hold the baby while you take a bath? Yeah, postpartum doulas do that.

Arrangements can be made before or after your birth. Together we’ll plan shifts that fit your schedule and meet your needs. Let us ease your transition into parenthood and help you find your rhythm

YES, we are able to provide in-home postpartum doula support right now!

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