Birth Plan Sessions

What is a Birth Plan?

A birth plan can look and feel a little different to everyone. Most commonly, it’s a summary of expectant parents’ preferences for labour and birth, organized into a concise document that can be shared with care providers (doctors, nurses and midwives). The birth plan reflects the parents’ hopes and wishes.

Some choose to call it a Birth Wish List or a Birth Strategy. Whether you choose to call it a Plan, a Wish List, a Strategy or nothing at all, the biggest benefit of preparing a birth plan is the process.

The process of preparing a birth plan requires you to consider many scenarios and subsequent options. Parents say they feel empowered by their birth planning experiences. When faced with choices or unanticipated events during childbirth, parents are able to draw on the knowledge and perspective they gained by preparing a birth plan.For this reason, even families who choose not to present a written birth plan document to their doctor or midwife benefit greatly from a birth planning session.

Why a Birth Planning Session?

Preparation of a birth plan is included in the labour doula package.

If you’re not sure whether or not you’d like to hire a doula for birth support but you know you’d like some help with preparing a birth plan, consider a Birth Planning Session. This two hour session will take place at the location of your choice.


What Happens in a Birth Planning Session?

During your session you’ll explore your priorities, fears and concerns about labour and birth and identify any knowledge gaps you want to fill. We’ll explore all of your childbirth options based on your needs and preferences as well as what’s available at your planned birthing location.  You’ll be able to work through all of your questions, consider the evidence and tap into your intuition as well. At the end of this session you’ll have a clear and concise document that your care team will read and appreciate.

For two weeks after your session, you’ll have access to phone and email support for any further questions or clarification.

The cost of a private birth planning session is $120.

Gift certificates available!

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