Introducing: #REALTALK Birth Stories

I’m thrilled to be introducing a new blog series that we’re calling #REALTALK Birth Stories. I’ve welcomed friends, clients and colleagues to contribute to this project and already the level of interest has been incredible!


I truly believe in the value of sharing our childbirth experiences. These stories inspire, comfort, inform and encourage readers. They connect us to each other as mothers, as fathers, as parents. They prompt us to consider our goals for birth and for our transition to parenting; they also prompt us to consider how we might adapt to an unexpected change of plans.

Non-judgmental support for all kinds of births and all kinds of families is the cornerstone of my doula practice so featuring a wide variety of birth stories really fills up my cup. Every birth is beautiful in its own way and what better way to multiply that joy than to hear it described by parents themselves?


THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to those who have already decided to participate in this series. If you’re reading this and you think you might be interested in sharing your story, don’t be a stranger! Stories can be submitted in their most raw form or you can use a template of interview-style prompts and questions I’ve written up if that suits your style.

Contact me here to chat about sharing your birth story

Ready to read the first in our series of #REALTALK Birth Stories?

1. Alex’s story

2. Cat’s story 

3. Annie’s story

4. Becky’s story

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