Simply The Best: Private Prenatal Classes in Oakville, Burlington and Milton

I can’t say enough good things about private childbirth education. 

Picture this: you select from a menu of topics to create a customized curriculum based on your needs and interests. We arrange a time that works with your schedule. I bring everything I need to deliver an engaging and useful class in the comfort of your home. You pour yourself a cup of tea and nestle into your sofa while we learn together about pregnancy, birth, recovery and baby care. You and your partner try out positions for labour and practice comfort measures such as massages and relaxation techniques. When we’re finished, you feel good knowing you’ve given yourself the knowledge and practical tools to feel informed, prepared and confident about your baby’s birth.

Informed, prepared and confident. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Do you have friends who are expecting? How fun would it be to put together a group class in your home? Just you and your closest friends, bonding over cervical changes and timing contractions. Let’s make it happen!

Oakville Family Birth prenatal classes are fun, friendly, realistic, practical and always judgement-free.

This looks like a great place to learn about birth.

Here are just some of the topics you can choose to include in your customized curriculum:

How to prepare a birth plan or wish list

Healthy pregnancy (nutrition, exercise, weight gain)

Coping with common pregnancy symptoms and challenges

Navigating standard prenatal testing and other milestones

The real deal on fetal positioning

What to do when you’re “overdue”

How to communicate with your care providers and get your medical questions answered

Your choice of birth place

Signs of labour

Labour and birth: what’s happening and why?

VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)

Natural and medical pain relief, comfort measures and interventions

Birth partners: how to provide hands-on support

Positions for labour and birth

It’s a baby! The first hour after birth

Standard newborn interventions and tests

Recovering from birth

Newborn care (“I’ve never done this before!”)

It’s all about YOU. We’ll go over everything you want to know and you’ll never wonder if your questions are silly or demanding.

You’ll receive an information packet filled to the brim with useful resources that you can use throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.

This cat is really enjoying her private prenatal class!

If you want to learn more about private or semi-private prenatal classes, get in touch today:

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