TPFT (Too Pregnant For This)

Pregnancy can be beautiful and enchanting but let’s be honest. It can also be awkward and strenuous. There were a few times in particular when I felt like I’d had just about enough:

Went out with friends. Hubby wanted me to be his DD for the ride home but I was so tired, I fell asleep in the car on the way there. I’m too pregnant for this.

Decided to renovate before the baby comes because if not, then when?  Now it feels like I have to summit Kilimanjaro every time I want a snack, which is all the time. I’m too pregnant for this.

Signed up for prenatal yoga. Hoped it would boost my energy but I shavasana’d myself into a near coma and had to call my neighbour for a ride home. I’m TPFT.

Wanted to maintain some semblance of a sex life. Slipped into something a little less comfortable to get freaky but now I just feel like a freak. I’m way too pregnant (and sober) for this.

35 weeks along. Tried to potty train the 2 year old but his “gotta pee” face turned into his “sorry about your shag rug” face faster than I could awkwardly roll off the couch. I’m too damn pregnant for this!

Dropped my phone on the floor. Thought about picking it up but it’s not worth the effort it takes to bend over only to be bombarded with “do you think you’re dilated?” texts from my sisters. TPFT!

Tried to keep up with workouts. Squeezed myself and my enormous belly into my Lulu crops and dragged myself to the gym but people are staring at me as if my water is about to break all over their elliptical machines. Yep, TPFT.

41 weeks along. Read that I should walk to bring on labour but every step I take, I feel more certain that the swelling is permanent and I’ll never see my ankle bones again. Will this pregnancy ever end?

Happily, after our babies are born we (mostly) forget about these small burdens. The fatigue, the discomfort, the pain…they’re all worth it when we look into those big beautiful baby eyes.

When did you feel like you were “Too Pregnant For This”?


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  1. 36 weeks along and trying to tie the shoelaces of my winter boots when I can barely see my feet. TPFT!

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