What Do Doulas Do?

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Provide 24/7 on-call service around the time of your birth. Phone, text, and email support are available around the clock and when it’s baby time, I’ll be by your side.

Answer your questions. And there are no stupid questions. Pregnancy is a wild ride! I’ve been there, I know. If I don’t have the answer, I’ll work with you to find it by using my extensive research expertise or by preparing you to consult your health care provider.

Connect with your emotions. I’ll help you confront your feelings, thoughts, fears and concerns. I’ll keep the atmosphere calm and encourage you through tough moments. I’ll remind you of your strength.

Make you comfortable. I have a wealth of techniques: positions for labour, massages for tired or cramping muscles, ways to relieve discomfort and more.

Work with your care providers – never against them. Midwives, doctors, nurses…I appreciate, respect and support them as highly trained experts.

Back it up. In case of emergency, I’ve hand-selected a wonderful back-up doula so you are comfortable with whoever walks into your birthing space.

Judge your choices. Water birth in your living room? Hospital birth with epidural? Planned cesarean? I love and support it all.

Have an agenda. I don’t attempt to persuade clients to adopt any “birth philosophy”. Want to hear my philosophy? It’s your birth. I just want you to feel respected, supported and nurtured.

Replace dads or any other partners. I started Oakville FAMILY Birth to support whole families! Doulas are the experts on birth; your partner is the expert on YOU. Whoever you choose to bring to your birth will play an essential role.

“Educate” you, unless you ask. Yes, doulas are birth professionals. I can answer or redirect all of your questions but I will never lecture you or inundate you with information you don’t want.

Advocate. I will not speak to your providers on your behalf or interfere with clinical care. In my presence, though, and after our prenatal visits, people tend to say they feel more confident and comfortable expressing their wishes and needs. That’s the power of doula support ;)

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